Executive Guide to Immediate Real-Time Payments | How Fast is Fast?

Real-time commerce and immediate payments (IP) have huge significance for banks and other payment providers. 

Real-time, immediate, instant, faster: the underlying principle of such payments is fairly simple, but the way they are executed in solutions around the world differs.

This white paper covers:

  • Defining immediate payments - what it is and isn't.
  • Making the business case
  • Impact of IP on existing payment architectures
  • Messaging and ISO 2002
  • Global view of IP infrastructures.

Financial institutions as well as other payment service providers (PSPs) are recognizing the opportunities that immediate payments present.  But many executives are still unclear on how an immediate payment differs from other processing types and how to successfully transition their organization into the real-time movement.

ACI and Accenture answer these questions and more in an Executive Guide. Download the guide.

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