Competencies of Channel Partners that Provide Growth and Value to Vendors


The key competencies of channel partners can help high growth cloud service markets become highly profitable and indispensable. A channel partner that possesses one or more competencies that include infrastructure alignment, unified collaboration and communication, business analytics, mobility, and business process management will be expected to acquire a huge share of the cloud’s growth opportunity in the next few years.

Partners who have invested proactively when it comes to the development of their skill sets as well as their expertise and knowledge in one of the skill sets that are mentioned above, will stand out among the 72,000 existing partners in the United States. There are only approximately 20,000 partners who have at least two or more proficiencies in these said competencies. This puts them on a higher ground and it also provides them with a greater chance to take a bigger slice of profit from the cloud’s improvements.

Partners who possess these high value competencies also work in industries that are of high value, such as the health care and financial services industries. These industries provide a wider range of product offerings and specializations, which allow the partners to be able to serve a more sophisticated clientele that enables them to reduce IT complexity, promote efficiency in operation, and enhance overall productivity.

Channel partners that possess high value competency are able to drive the market opportunity three times more than other partners with no skill in any of the given competencies. This is because high value partners generally show more cloud commitment and they also have three times more chances of attaining success in the cloud in terms of a financial and business perspective.

High value partners are known to offer infrastructure as mobility and service applications, unified communications, virtualization, CRM, and business intelligence. The success of a channel partner in the cloud greatly affects the overall growth and sustainability of the partner environment, especially when the vendors rely on this change heavily.

Learning two or more of these high value competencies is never too late. Becoming one of the channel partners that possess these competencies will entitle you to take advantage of the changes that are happening with the IT services industry. Investing your time in improving your knowledge and expertise in infrastructure alignment, mobility, business analytics, business process management, and unified collaboration and communication will unlock various high value opportunities for you that majority of the existing partners will not be able to attain.

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