Where to Find a List of Reputable MSP and Cloud Service Providers

You can easily find a list of available MSP online provided by various media organizations. But of course, it would be unwise to rely on these readily available lists without drawing certain doubts on whether these lists are paid ads or just downright deceiving.

Nevertheless, there are still diamonds in the rough after all. If you practice proper caution when scouring for online lists of MSPs, which are based on a variety of metrics such as company’s yearly growth rate in revenue or their financial results, you can find solution providers that are worth your trust. Just don not ever fall for lists that round up the most fashionable providers as you will only be in for a big disappointment.

If you are a sucker for lists or if you are expecting a list of reputable MSP and cloud service providers on this article, then we won’t let you down. The following list providers available online are worth scouring through:

SolutionProvider 500

Published by UBM Channel, you can find the top 50 solution providers and links to their websites. These are ranked annually and are solely based on revenue, which is a good factor to consider when searching for a provider. If you want the complete list of the top 500 solution providers, you will have to access the CRN tablet edition, which is exclusively available on the Apple iPad.

MSPMentor 100

The site tracks the top 100 MSPs from all over the world. They also provide country specific lists such as the MSP 200 for North America and the AANZ or Asia, Australia, and New Zealand MSP 25. The list, which is based on content and research, is available on a 22 page downloadable PDF file, pretty ideal if you want t brief and comprehensive overview of solution providers worth working with.

Talkin’ Cloud 100

Tracking the top 100 CSPs or cloud service providers from all over the globe. The list provides an annual ranking of VARs and MSPs that earn profit in the cloud, cloud brokers, cloud integrators and cloud aggregators.

These list providers are more than enough for you to be able to determine the best solution providers fit for your business. Doing your background check and creating your own shortlist will also be ideal for you to weigh out the pros and cons for each provider. Use these lists wisely, and you will be geared up for success.

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