Don’t be a slave to compliance.

Compliance, like death and taxes according to Benjamin Franklin, is unavoidable. Synonymous with rules, regulations and restrictions, it’s not a word that generates great excitement. Just staying aware of new regulations is a challenge in itself.

Data breaches are hitting the news almost every day. And regulators are handing out record fines for non-compliance. In the print industry, the stakes are especially high – an inaccurate billing run could lead to sensitive financial data in the wrong hands. Or to personal medical records being sent to the wrong address.

Is it time to embrace what can’t be changed and get the best from the situation? Compliance shouldn’t just be about checking off boxes and avoiding fines. After all, regulations are in place to boost our economy and protect your organization, employees, audience and suppliers. In fact, the benefits of best-practice compliance go way beyond keeping the regulator happy.

Is there a brighter side to compliance? What if you turned the tables on compliance? What if you threw aside all the scare mongering and stress associated with compliance and made it work hard for your organization?

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