PHP with MySQL Essential Training

This comprehensive course from Kevin Skoglund helps developers learn the basics of PHP (including variables, logical expressions, loops, and functions), understand how to connect PHP to a MySQL database, and gain experience developing a complete web application with site navigation, form validation, and a password-protected admin area. Kevin also covers the basic CRUD routines for updating a database, debugging techniques, and usable user interfaces. Along the way, he provides practical advice, offers examples of best practices, and demonstrates refactoring techniques to improve existing code.

Topics include:
  • Using the exercise files
  • What is PHP
  • Embedding PHP code on a page
  • Arrays
  • If statements
  • Understanding array pointers
  • Links and URLs
  • Building forms
  • Creating a database
  • Adding pages to the navigation subjects
  • Assignment: Pages CRUD
  • Using a context for conditional code
  • Creating a login system
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